Baby and Toddler Reflexology classes

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Parents can learn a fun and rewarding skill under the guidance of a fully trained reflexologist! Includes well deserved relaxation time for mums, dads or carers!!

Learn 1:1 or in a small group!


How could Baby reflex Help My Baby or Toddler?

There are numerous benefits of Baby reflex for babies and toddlers, and the treatments can be tailored to meet your child's individual needs. Baby and toddler reflexology may help with:

  • calming

  • relaxation - it can help to promote sleep so is great to include as part of your bedtime routine!

  • parent and child bonding

  • supporting and encouraging digestion

  • relieving constipation

  • baby colic & baby reflux

  • pain relief, e.g. teething, bumps & bruises

  • supporting the developing body

  • boosting immunity

  • insect & jelly fish stings

Importantly: its FUN & easy for parents to learn!

Most babies love having their feet touched and will quickly learn to offer you their feet to enjoy this bonding experience. The songs used for the toddlers really helps to engage their interest and can be made lots of fun if they bring a teddy or dolly along to practice the routines on!

Baby reflex for babies and toddlers can be tailored to meet your child's individual needs. However, if you suspect that your child may be unwell, it is advisable to contact your GP or health visitor. Reflexology is a natural, complementary therapy which may be used alongside conventional medicine. It is not a substitute for medical care.

What is Baby reflex for Babies and Baby reflex for Toddlers?

Baby reflex is a natural, gentle, and soothing form of reflexology which is taught to parents by reflexologists who have been specially trained in baby reflexology. Baby reflex was pioneered by Jenny Lee, a chartered physiotherapist and qualified reflexologist. Prior to setting up baby reflex, Jenny carried out 15 years of detailed research into the effects of regular reflexology sessions on children with asthma. The main benefits of her research included relaxation, improved sleep patterns and parent-child bonding. These discoveries led to her setting up Baby reflex for Babies in 2005, and later Baby reflex for Toddlers in 2010 (

Baby reflexology is a fantastic tool for a parent to learn as it can be performed both at home and while you are out and about. All you need to do is remove their socks and perform the calming movements anytime, anywhere! It can also help to enhance the loving bond between a parent and their child as well allowing parents to help ease any discomfort their baby may be feeling. Baby reflexology is suitable for babies from 4 weeks to 10 months of age and is performed on their feet. Once a child reaches 10 months old and becomes more mobile, Baby reflex for toddlers is then taught to parents. This is a fun way for parents to learn calming and soothing hand reflexology movements incorporating nursery rhymes and lullabies to aid memory and engage their toddlers. Parents can also use Baby reflex for toddlers on their toddlers feet by transposing the toddler hand routine onto the feet.

How do I learn BabyReflex for Babies & Toddlers?

  • Qualified reflexologists who have been specially trained in Baby reflex for Babies and Baby reflex for Toddlers are able to teach parents how to perform these simple, safe and fun reflexology movements on their child. Parents, grandparents or guardians are all welcome to learn this invaluable tool.

  • These workshops can be run on a one to one basis with a parent or both parents and their child. Alternatively, and a more fun way of learning, would be for a small group of parents and their babies to get together and share the experience.

  • The course can be run in the comfort of your own home or in my home. During the session, the adults will practice on each other in a fun and relaxed manner or on dolly baby feet if you prefer. At the end of the session, each adult will then perform a treatment on their own child under my supervision. Baby reflex learning charts and course notes are included in the workshop for you to keep and refer to when you are treating you child at home. Continued support is also included to ensure the best possible care for your baby or toddler.

(1) Baby reflexology for Babies is taught over three sessions usually spaced a week apart so you have time to practice your new skills before learning any more. These sessions last around an hour. The workshops cover:

    • Week 1: Feeding & Digestion

    • Week 2: Sleeping & Comforting

    • Week 3: Wellbeing

(2) Baby reflexology for Toddlers is also made up of three sessions which last for an hour. Parents learn hand reflexology treatments using nursery rhymes and lullabies to engage their toddlers:

    • Week 1: Ideally this is without the toddlers present but this is not essential. This includes treatments that you can use on your toddler every day for connection, bonding & calming; boosting the immune system & the digestive system. During this session adults practice on each other and then practice their new skills on their child afterwards at home.

    • Week 2: With the toddlers present. This revises week 1 and also includes treatments you would use as and when required such as well as an emergency first aid treatment you can use for stings.

    • Week 3: You will report on progress, discuss experiences, consolidate the techniques & ask any concerns you may have. It is also possible to learn the toddler routine on the foot if you wanted to.

Baby reflex advises parents to wait 48 hours after vaccinations before giving a baby or toddler a Baby reflex treatment.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions or would like to arrange a workshop: Booking & Contact Details. All pricing details can be found on my Price List page.