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Maternity Reflexology Testimonials:

  • "I have nothing but good things to say about Nicki and pregnancy reflexology. I started regular sessions at 20 weeks. I found the reflexology very relaxing, it felt so good that I always dropped off to sleep during treatments. I was always looking forward to my next session with Nicki. The treatments helped me with pregnancy related symptoms like the hip and shoulder pain, they also helped keep me calm and sleep at night throughout my pregnancy. I definitely think the pregnancy reflexology had a positive effect on me and my baby and helped me "switch off" and connect with my little one. I also believe it helped my body to be more efficient in labour. I loved it so much that I still continue with my treatments and my partner is also having regular reflexology sessions. I also took the baby reflexology lessons with Nicki and now my son can benefit from it as well. We all love it! Many thanks Nicki" - Edyta

  • "I saw Nicki for reflexology sessions during the last trimester of my pregnancy including the morning I went into labour. The birth of my daughter was actually enjoyable and I'm certain that the reflexology enabled such a positive experience. The feeling of relaxation and calm that I left with after the session stayed with me throughout the day and during the whole of my labour. Thank you Nicki!" - Becky.

  • "I saw Nicki towards the end of my pregnancy and really enjoyed each session. Nicki has a wonderful approach and I found myself really looking forward to each session, leaving them much more centred and balanced. I am sure my sessions contributed to my labour being natural and straightforward, with good breathing and a happy baby throughout. Many thanks!" - Sara.

  • "I saw Nicky at the end of my pregnancy and I truly cannot recommend her enough. Not only did I feel so relaxed I think I fell asleep in most of the sessions, I also left each one feeling a sense of calm similar to having a full day at a spa! I'm sure the treatments also helped me have a very straightforward and quick labour and birth. The postnatal treatments with the baby are such an amazing way to fully relax with your baby. Many thanks Nicky xx" - Vicki.

Reflexology Testimonials

  • "I can not recommend Nicki's reflexology sessions enough. Nicki's friendly and calm manner makes the reflexology session a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable experience which leaves me wanting a nice snooze quite frankly!! Thank you Nicki!" - Katherine.

  • "As a qualified beauty therapist, I always have very high expectations when going for any treatments. I found HarmonyReflex to be one of the best, the attention to detail and knowledge of reflexology was first class. I was quite literally walking on air after every treatment!" - Kay.

  • "I can't recommend Nicki enough, she has a calm manner, knowledgeable and professional. After each reflexology session I felt thoroughly relaxed and had much more energy" - Vanessa.

  • "I had six reflexology sessions with Nicki Housego-Woolgar and after each one I felt significantly younger. I was amazed at how she picked up on every single problem that my body harbours - from bad back to period cramps. She could tell I was limbering up for a cold one day and drained emotionally the next. I can't speak highly enough about my sessions - an hour felt like an entire spa day. Nicki is a very warm, kind and calm lady and you find yourself relaxing the moment you are vertical on the treatment table. Thanks loads Nicki and I look forward to my next session with you"- Julia.

  • "I was a case study for Nicki when she first started out in her reflexology training. She picked up on several little health problems I had and also taught me how to use reflexology myself to help with my migraines. After the sessions I felt oddly energised and relaxed as if I had been completely destressed! I can't recommend Nicki enough. She is not only extremely competent and intelligent but she's a calm and gentle person who immediately puts you at ease" - Joanne.

Baby Reflexology Workshop Testimonials:

  • We really enjoyed Nicki's baby reflexology workshop. I do try to give the treatment to my baby girl everyday, which works very much. Moreover, she loves it! Thank you so much for teaching us this beautiful technique" - Mika K

  • "I enjoyed the baby reflexology workshop with Nicki and my baby loved her too. I find baby reflexology much easier to keep doing than massage as I only have to take my baby's socks off and it takes only 5 minutes. Thanks to this baby reflexology, my baby survived a 12 hour flight recently! Isn't it wonderful that you can calm a baby down down or treat the popping ear with just a few minutes gently stroking of the baby's feet? I cannot thank Nicki enough! I'd love to do the toddler reflexology when my baby grows older!" - Yoko

  • "I really enjoyed attending the baby reflexology course and found the techniques we learned very useful and simple and straightforward to use at home on my daughter to help with feeding and sleeping especially. She really enjoys having a daily treatment". -Claire