A Reflexology Session

Please contact Nicki on T/ 07970-738424 or E/ nicki.housego@gmail.com

HarmonyReflex Treatment Studio

Reflexology treatments take place in my tranquil, relaxing and cosy studio in a reclining chair. If you prefer treatments on a massage table this is also available (please let me know in advance).

Initial Consultation and Treatment

Your first treatment will include a consultation period during which we will discuss your medical history, general lifestyle as well as any presenting conditions or contraindications you may have. This will enable us to design an appropriate treatment plan to meet your needs and to ensure reflexology is the correct treatment for you. A brief questionnaire can be emailed to you prior to your appointment. This may be completed in advance or if you prefer we can complete it at the consultation. A consent form will also need to be signed.

Following the initial consultation and treatment, all future treatments will last one hour. A HarmonyReflex information pack will also be provided which will include background information about reflexology, how it may help you, foot and hand reflexology charts and ways to self treat yourself at home. I will make a follow up call the next day to see how you have been feeling since your treatment.

If you are receiving medical treatment from your GP or a Specialist, it is advisable to seek their permission before having a reflexology treatment. All client information is strictly confidential.

During a reflexology treatment

At the beginning of your treatment you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and either lie or sit on my comfortable massage table (with an adjustable backrest). If you are pregnant or prefer to sit in a chair, I also have a reclining zero gravity chair. The treatment is made up of 3 stages:

  • It commences with a foot reading during which surface signs on the feet will be assessed. The feet will then be cleansed and foot powder or cream applied. This will be followed by a series of relaxing "warm up" foot massage movements which prepare the feet for the reflexology movements.

  • The reflexology component will then begin involving a movement known as thumb or finger walking. This involves gentle, yet firm pressure working over the different areas of your feet in a sequential order. The pressure applied can be firmer or lighter depending on your preference. Both your feet will be worked, the right foot first followed by your left. The foot which is not being worked on will be wrapped in a towel in order to keep it warm. If any areas of the feet feel tender please let me know and the pressure will be adjusted accordingly.

  • the treatment is completed with a relaxing foot massage using a moisturising foot cream.

After your treatment, it is likely you will be in a deep state of relaxation (possibly even asleep!). Before you leave any tender or textured areas found in your feet will be discussed and appropriate home care advice will be given.

Please note: Reflexology treatments can include a complementary taster of hot stone reflexology. Please ask Nicki for more details when booking your appointment (conditions apply).